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BitCaptcher is a "faucet" site. This means you can collect bitcoins by solving captchas.
After registering, you will be able to use your account right away and start earning. To start, after logging in you will have to navigate to the captcha solving area, using the "Earn" option in the menu.
As you are solving the captchas you will start to build up bits as pending balance. After a server side confirmation this balance will transfer into your available balance. Which you can redeem using your bitcoin wallet.
After you've built up the minimum required amount of bits to make a withdrawal, you can choose to do so under your Profile section. Keep in mind that clicking on "Withdraw" means, that you are withdrawing your whole available balance.
There are no Time limit! No Solve limit! No withdrawal limit!


After logging in and going to the solving area by selecting the "Earn" option from the menu you can start to fill out captchas.

These will accumulate as pending balance. As the server verifies your solution your bits will transfer to your active balance. which you can choose to withdraw after collecting the minimum amount of bits that can be withdrawn.

Withdrawing works by submitting your address under your profile. After doing that you can withdraw your active balance using the "Withdraw" option on the same page. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 100 bits (or 10.000 satoshi). After asking for a withdrawal 5 bits will be deducted immediately as a maintain fee.
Keep in mind that the withdrawing process could take anywhere from 1 to 3 days.
Login to your account, and navigate to the FAQ page! You'll get a more detailed answer there.
Yes, there is!
For each valid solution submitted by people you've referred you will get a 10% commission!
You'll find your referral link on your home page after logging in.

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